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Since 1946,”rodeo royalty" has represented the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede.  During their one year reign, these young women serve as ambassadors for the Stampede and the City of Calgary at hundreds of public appearances in the city, province, and throughout the world.

Upon completion of their busy and exciting year, these women continue to be a part of the Stampede family by their induction into the Calgary Stampede Queens’ Alumni Association.  This association, created in 1971, is unique among rodeo royalty in that its’ membership is exclusive to past Stampede royalty.  The Association includes women who reside throughout North America and Europe, and provides opportunities for its members to stay in touch with fellow Alumni and the Stampede family.

In addition to the Association, an active Stampede Volunteer Committee was created in 1980 by members of the Alumni who were interested in enhancing their volunteer commitment within the Stampede.  Since its inception, it has been organizing and providing Stampede activities for children with special needs and their families.

The Stampede Queens’ Alumni Committee demonstrates several unique aspects:

  • membership is only open to members of the Alumni Association;
  • the committee plans and operates events for children with special needs; and
  • all monies raised through fundraising activities are designated towards children with special needs.

Those Queens’ Alumni members who do not wish to become official Stampede volunteers due to distance or other constraints continue to be valued members of the Alumni Association and participate whenever possible.

This committee continues to grow and change but remains steeped in the western values and traditions in which it originated.  The Calgary Stampede Queens’ Alumni have played an important role in the development of the Stampede family and its history is an important one to share!


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