Photo Galleries

The Queens' Alumni has been working hard to preserve our western heritage through several historical initiatives. We are proud to be able to share these bits of history with you soon:
Official Trio Photos - These photos would be images released by the Stampede for marketing purposes.  In most recent years, these images would be seen on each Trio's postcard.
Scrapbooks - An initiative celebrating 60 years of Royalty, this digital scrapbook is a snapshot of each lady's year.  Completed pages have a favorite shot as well as candid comments about their year and experiences with Stampede.
Crowns - Like fashion, the Stampede Royalty's crowns have evolved over time.  From bead to silver, see the evolution.

Buckles - Not one year is the same as another; see how the buckles of the Royalty have changed.
Historical Artifacts - Over the years, members of Royalty have been given unique items that are special to their year.

Historical Video - A summative story of the history of the Calgary Stampede Royalty dating back to 1946. 
Giddy-Up Events - Check out our candid photos of our Giddy-Up events.

Alumni Events - Check out our candid photos.

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