Friday, August 6

An exhibition bout between Five-Division world and logan Paul champion Floyd Mayweather has sent shock waves throughout the combat community. Many men and women have poured the opinion of theirs on the fight, with many demeaning Mayweather for accepting a matchup against a YouTube sensation.

Meanwhile, it is a lucrative stage for Mayweather and he did not pause to materialize the idea. But there have been certain turmoils with regards to the day and venue. Earlier, Mayweather teased the return of his on February twenty and also billed Toyo Dome at Japan as the venue.

But, the particular date has been delayed due to unknown reasons. The fight is not relevant on the previous particular date and a new date is still to turn up So, we still do not recognize when Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather would lock horns.

It can easily be effective for Logan Paul, as he obtains some more coaching time to make for that invincible Mayweather. Similarly, Mayweather can profit from the PPV number by having time to advertise the fight. But why did they postpone their in ring clash?
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loyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul What is at stake?
Based on several accounts, an absence of interest has slowed the fight date. But Mayweather has not confirmed it, so it is unfair to costs it as the one valid reason. Aged forty three, Mayweather wants to accept several exhibition fights at this stage of his career.

Excluding Logan Paul, Mayweather has stated a desire to evaluate himself against Internet stars like rapper 50 Cent and Logan Paul’s brother, Jake Paul. So, we can count on him to stay working with boxing stints this year. It may well begin with a clash against Logan Paul but only if we receive an official date.

Following such heavy ad of the fight, it’s bizarre to cut it from. So, a mere delay is the thing that has cost Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather from clashing against each other. Once the rigmaroles are over, we can witness probably the biggest fight of Internet history ever. Till then, we can simply wait for the celebrities to drive several angles to the fight.

Do you believe Logan Paul has the slightest opportunity to vanquish the undefeated Floyd Mayweather?

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