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Even calculate the amount of electrical energy used by your home appliances and other electric power equipment at your house? You can find the total usage of the home of yours electricity from the monthly electric bill of yours, nevertheless, you may wish to quantify the energy used by each electric-powered items at your home, then how you can do the measurement?

No matter what reason you want to quantify the energy used by an electric-powered item at the home of yours, basically there are 3 ways to measure it:

1. Use an easy watt hour meter

You are able to use a watt-hour meter, which could be purchased at the local store of yours. Just plug in the device to the watt hour meter and then plug the meter into the supply point. When the device is drawing current, the watt hour meter will read the usage. This tiny device will tell you the amount electricity uses at a given moment and over a prolonged time period. This simple watt-hour meter is especially helpful for locating the amount of electricity usage, measured in kWh for devices that don’t run constantly, like window unit air conditioners and refrigerators.

2. Install a whole-house meter

Should you love to monitor whole house energy uses at any give moment, or even just how much you have used up to this point for the month, then you definitely may want to think about an installation of a whole house meter. The meter is akin to the electric meter at your house, but it’s additional features that enable you to measure the electricity usage at a selected time period. When you finally press the reset button, the meter reading is going to be reset to zero, it will record the electricity usage until you stop it. This whole-house meter is incredibly useful for you to monitor monthly electricity usage, which you can make use of to match up against the figure stated in the electric bill of yours as well as be sure you’re not overcharged.

3. Look at the electrical meter

If you happen to don’t like to spend money to buy watt-hour meter or perhaps install a whole house meter, you still can measure the electricity using at a give moment. You simply need to make use of your home electric meter.

This’s exactly how it might be done:

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First, turn off the device you want to measure. So as to correctly assess the power usage of the device, you have to switch off the air conditioner and refrigerator because they will affect the reading in case they kick in while you are making the measurement. Then, go to your electricity meter and measure with a stopwatch on the length of time it takes for the disc to spin one round. Then, turn on the device you want to assess and go back to your energy meter to measure the amount of time it takes to spin one round.

Once you have the reading, you are prepared to do the calculation. Look on the electric meter find something printed like “kh X.X”, where “X.X” is some number, normally is 7.2. This figure is called Kh factor.

The formula for calculation is: 3.6 x Kh fator / number of seconds = kW

Just plug in the measurement and the Kh factor into the formula to get the electric usage of the keyboard for a given time. For instance, the Kh factor is 7.2. It took 60 seconds for the disc of the electrical meter to spin when the product is turned off. And it took forty second for the disc to spin when the unit is turned on. Your first check when device is off showed you had been using (3.6×7.2)/60 = 432 watts. With the device turned on, the usage is (3.6×7.2)/40 = 648 watts. By subtracting the two figures, you are going to get 216 watts, which is the power usage of the device selected for power usage measurement.

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