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Ever wonder what a wedding planner REALLY does?

Most of the people rely on movies like “The Wedding Planner” to form the definition of theirs of a normal wedding planner. Generally, J.Lo as a headset wearing’ star of the show’ is fantasy in relation to being a wedding planner. Unlike Matthew and Bridget’s unlimited budget, you will be hired for your budgeting skills. But your bride will be stressed and this is where you DO shine. You’ll be called upon and hired or perhaps not hired based on your abilities to perform under pressure, like there’s absolutely no pressure. Learning the role of yours in brides’ and grooms’ weddings is definitely the first portion of the wedding planning puzzle. Below is a listing of the three most recognized service selections your clients have to pick from. We refer to these as’ packages.’ But, I am here to tell you, if you would like to excel past the cookie cutter wedding planner, then it’s up to YOU to define these packages by adding your own pizazz to your distinctive services.

Wedding Planner – def (n)

Someone who creates magic, pulls answers out of hat, as well as performs a flawless wedding (with no sweating).

There are numerous services a wedding planner is able to provide to a bride. Based on the bride’s personality and needs, it’s up to the wedding planner to service her client’s needs. Not only is it vital that you meet up with the client’s expectations, but exceeding their expectations will enhance your referrals to enable you to discover a brand new client.

Full Service Planner

A full service planner can truly help the bride from pretty much the beginning to the conclusion of her designing. From the moment the groom pops the question the bride comes into the planner’s office to start the journey. This bride is usually unfamiliar with the area, gets overwhelmed easily, does not love to make decisions, or perhaps is really busy in her education or career. A planner’s key job is usually to be the representative for the family and keep communication lines open amongst all parties involved. Becoming the mediator is often a crucial role in this stage of the planning process.

Main Responsibilities of a complete Service Planner:

oSet budget (stay on budget throughout the planning process)

oFind reception/ceremony location

oBook vendors (photographer, videographer, florist, entertainment)

oNegotiate pricing for all vendors involved

oCreate personal decor style for bride/groom

oCreate vendor timeline/bridal party timeline

oAttend all meetings

oOrchestrate the rehearsal and wedding day

oPersonal assistant to family

oFollow up with miscellaneous tasks post-wedding

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Partial Planner

This is the most favored program wedding planners can offer to their clients. Brides are going to come into the appointment with some of the choices already made, but would like professional guidance in the midst of the planning process. Brides think they could do it all themselves only to find frustration and an endless list of matters to attend to thus, the reason they turn it over to a planner. This particular sort of bride likes to own the final say in the decision making process, but wants a professional opinion each step of the way.

Main Responsibilities of a Partial Planner:

oCollect all information/contracts from client

oEvaluate the budget

oMeet all family members involved in the planning process

oCreate road map/set goals for every single month with client

oBook remainder vendors

oNegotiate pricing when available

oPersonal Decor (upgrade program)

oCreate vendor timeline/bridal party timeline

oAttend final catering meeting

oOrchestrate the rehearsal and wedding day

oPersonal assistant to family

oFollow up with miscellaneous tasks post-wedding

Day of Planner

One day Of Planner is someone that comes in and picks up all the pieces (often known as the personal assistant to the household or the manager of the overall wedding). The principal task of one day of planner will make certain the plan the bride and her family has created runs smoothly according to their expectations. Reception decor and ceremony timing is crucial the day of the party. The most crucial piece of the puzzle is to make sure the vendors are directed in the proper place at the proper time along with the bridal party. The timeline is the heart of the event. Without a good timeline, people won’t know where you can go so when they are to report. One day of planner is just as good as her timeline. five minutes off the time of the wedding day, means tough filet mignon in the hotbox. This’s known as “Game Day.”

Main responsibilities of a day of Planner:

oCreate timeline

oCall all vendors to check location and arrival time

oPunch out meeting with bride and groom (collect personal items)

oGet help

oAssign staff with bride (assist in getting dressed)

oAssign staff for reception decor (implement plan)

oOverall manager for family

oOrchestrate rehearsal and also wedding day

oFollow up with miscellaneous tasks post-wedding

You will find 3 primary services a wedding planner is able to provide: full service, partial, or day of planner. Knowing which type of service the client is looking for will help identify the sort of program to offer her. Each client is unique and some programs may have to be modified to fit the needs of her. Remember, the bride is the client you are the director. It is up to the director to guide the client into the appropriate program to suit her needs.

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